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Portfolio B

Microfinance cover photograph by Chris Simpson / Getty Images.

Intro feature spread on venture capitalist Jaqueline Novogratz's Acumen Fund. Photograph by Susan Meiselas / Magnum.

Silver Screen Activist cover: Jeff Skoll photographed by David Strick.

Cancelled Comrade: intro feature spread on investor Bill Browder's exile from Russia. Illustration by Mark Ulriksen.

Intro feature spread for GSB faculty research on Stock Options. Photograph by Pete McArthur.

Work-Life Balance cover: GSB alumni photographed by Jared Leeds in Boston.

Preventing Corruption: cover photographed by Fredrik Broden.

Close-up photo of Pablo Delano's "Flags of Faces" exhibit installation on Ellis Island.

Intro feature spread for "It's Simple": a book excerpt focused on the creating successful ideas. Photograph by Mark Hooper.

Intro feature spread discussing management of  World Health problems.

Disruptive Force intro feature spread: Dr. Laura Esserman challenges the conventions of treating breast cancer. Photograph by Anne Hamersky.

The Man at the Helm: Intro feature spread for GSB Dean Robert Joss. Photograph ny Thomas Broening.

Intro feature spread on managing the risk of default. Photograph by Peter McArthur.

Illustration by John Hersey.

Intro feature spread discussing management of World Health problems.

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